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We provide services for your success

Our fundamental objective is to offer clients a personalized service, according to their needs, based on ethics and professionalism, generating full confidence in the work that has been entrusted to us by solving the problems inherent to accounting and taxes that derive from business activity. Taking as our own the objectives, approaches and policies of each client, supporting their operation in obtaining their profitability.

Bookkeeping for Business Payroll CPA Audit

At ATE Accounting we are trained to prepare books and organize records of your company. Then we can create a system for organizing them to keep an efficient record for the next few years.

We know that owning a business requires a lot of effort.

That is why you can count on us to help you make the payment to your employees in a punctual, precise way and with all the requirements of the law.

Occasionally, the IRS or the Department of State may choose your business to be audited.

This does not mean that you or your business did something wrong. Sometimes the audit selection process is totally random, while other times there is a specific reason for the audit.

Reasons for an audit

  • Random decision by the IRS from the Department of State.
  • Incomplete or incorrect statements.
  • Inconsistent statement.

No matter the reason, we are trained to help you defend your business in an audit.


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